Photos by Tonje Gulbæk.

Alice Wang is a creative consultant and stylist who works with brands including Cathrine Hammel and Vogue Arabia, as well as a roster of music clients, like Ary and Dagny. 

The Chinese-born American moved to Oslo in her teens, and her breadth of exposure to different cultures continues to inspire her work — whether it entails creating a holistic visual campaign or styling a musician for an album launch. 

We spoke to the creative about her relaxed approach to dressing (which favors subtlety and investment pieces) and finding inspiration by staying present.

How would you describe your style?

My whole wardrobe is built around comfort, quality and fit. I never compromise on those three elements even when I come over something that is stunning. The majority of my winter wardrobe are timeless designs and neutral colors that I can easily layer underneath an investment coat. For summer I love wearing fluid silhouettes, subtle prints and colors. I guess one could say there's a tiny hint of boho. Generally my style is quite relaxed.

What is currently inspiring you? Sartorially, culturally or otherwise?

Living in the digital age has brought unlimited inspiration at our fingertips, but I think it also has caused many, including myself,  to become apathetic towards it. I used to scroll through the overload of content to try to  find inspiration for my next project, and now I just try to soak in the things that are happening in real life. Inspiration can come from the smallest details or an unexpected conversation with a stranger,  and if you are present enough to experience the things around you, then inspiration will come naturally. 

Can you tell us about your current transition from doing styling towards creative direction and consulting for brands?

I wanted to work with brands in a more holistic way. Whether that is taking a creative lead in the vision for the next campaign or planning a social media content strategy, or both. And it is amazing to work with clients that believe in your taste and give you creative freedom to “do your thing”. I definitely love being more involved in building a brand visually, and look forward to doing more of it. 

What has been your favorite project so far in 2023?

I just recently finished styling musician and producer ARY for her upcoming album.  We hit it off instantly when we met, and have been working together for over a year now.  I get to really be creative with her and we have so much fun when we are shooting. We have a mutual trust and shared aesthetics that is rare to come by.


What is your current favorite shoe from Emme Parsons, and how would you style it? 

I love the String sandals. The asymmetrical lines that cross over your feet are truly delicate and beautiful, and the heel support makes them comfortable to walk in. There is actually nothing you can wear that will go wrong with these sandals. I have been wearing them the past couple days with both jeans and dresses, day and night.

How did you discover your new found interest in cooking?

I never really cared for cooking or food in general before the pandemic. I started dating my boyfriend during lockdown, and so naturally I started cooking more for us at home. I found recipes online, mostly dishes I have never even had or made before, and loved making them. I had the time to put in effort in almost every meal we had, and it was an amazing feeling to share these meals with someone who appreciated them so much. The pandemic definitely turned us  into big foodies.

Do you have a go-to recipe you can share?

I can  recommend Serious Eats, a website with amazing world cuisine recipes!. I love to make Qidreh, a Palestinian dish with lamb and spiced rice, which is definitely a go-to if you want to make a home-made autumn dinner meal  for friends. 

Guilty or not so guilty pleasure?

Spending an entire day at home on a weekday in my PJs. I absolutely love it. It is really not that guilty, quite the opposite. We all need a day or two off to recharge so it might be the healthiest guilty pleasure you can have.  

How would you describe your perfect day in Oslo?

We get almost half a year of dark and snowy winters, so Norwegians will enjoy every ray of sunshine they can get. The sun has a huge effect on the people's mood here. On a sunny day during the summer, the whole city is alive and packed with people in every cafe and bar. The sun doesn't set until past 10pm during the summer, so the days are long and you could literally spend a whole day outside. For me, any sunny and warm summer day is a perfect day in Oslo. 

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