Quinton Mulvey and Charlie Ann Max

Quinton Mulvey and Charlie Max have created a whole visual world together. From curating music playlists to a new vegan cooking project, @fude_____, they are sharing their experiences with self-isolated individuals in order to promote a greater sense of community. Together, Quinton and Charlie wear our unisex Bari sandals as they discuss the importance of creativity and what’s inspiring them during this time of uncertainty.

Q: How would you describe your style?  

C: My style has changed a lot since relocating to Los Angeles — comfort and function are a lot more important to me than when I was dressing in NYC. My home is neutral and natural with lots of raw materials. My space really encompasses my style now.  

C: How would you describe your style? 

 Q: I love mixing classicism with queer semiotics. I’m pretty grounded in a neutral palette as well. 

C: What’s inspiring you right now? 

 Q: There’s a collective energy of comfort on the Internet right now that I find really inspiring — people are checking in on one another, sharing peaceful memories, shedding light on the importance of mental health, etc.  I draw so much inspiration from people bonding together in the face of adversity and uncertainty. 

Personally, I’ve been turning to music as both a creative outlet for myself and a gift I can share with others. I’m a bit of a music hoarder and I love curating playlists for people to live to. I’ve been creating Spotify playlists for my community to isolate, meditate, dance and cook to. 

 Q: How are you utilizing your time in isolation? 

C: I’ve been using this time to create alternative opportunities for myself and share my experience. I’ve been posing for timed nude figure drawings on my onlyfans account. I’ve created a nude vegan cooking platform, called @fude_____, to promote well-being, body positivity and giving back. When someone completes one of my recipes, I donate to @nokidhungry. With children out of school, it is important to provide a consistent and safe meal structure to the best of our ability. 

I’ve also been exercising, catching up on films and documentaries (strangely obsessed with The Cheetah Girls right now lol) and trying to remain informed of the current state of the world. I chat with my friends and family daily to maintain a sense of connection in these isolated times.

C: What lesson has the global pandemic taught you? 

 Q: The importance of individual action. 

Q: How about you?

 C: The biggest lesson from all this is the importance of our collective health as people and the health of our planet. 

Q: I know you aren’t usually a sandal person, what makes the Bari different? 

C: I’m fairly insecure about my feet which usually keeps me from wearing sandals but the Bari fits so comfortably on wide feet and the simple straps are flattering in an atypical, artistic way. 

 C: How do you like to style them? 

Q: I love them with virtually any look. I’ve been wearing them with tapered denim and oversized suiting alike. 

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