The Skirt Chronicles

Photos by Dana Boulos
Haydée Touitou, Sarah de Mavaleix, and Sofia Nebiolo are the editors of The Skirt Chronicles, a Paris-based publication that explores photography, fashion, culture and literature. The three friends, who come from the worlds of journalism, styling, and marketing, founded the independent journal as a way to collaborate with creators they admire across generations, mediums, and countries. Distinct in their personal styles, the women find overlap not only in their creative direction, but also their sartorial decisions. We asked them about how they would style pieces from our latest collection, and their creative process.

How would you describe your individual style? 

Haydée: That’s a very hard question, since I enjoy changing styles from day to day. 

Sarah: Quite oversize! And perhaps more men’s clothes in my closet lately.

Sofia: I like quite classic pieces and prefer investing in makers rather than brands.  

Any major similarities or differences between the three of you?

Haydée: We dress very differently and at the same time, I love the girls’ style and we actually synchronise quite often without knowing, mostly color coordinating.
Sarah: It’s funny, because it has happened many times, that we arrived at a meeting or an event, wearing one or two (or more) similar pieces, a trench, a sweater or a bag. Sometimes even shoes with Sofia. People are always joking about us being « The Beige Chronicles ». 

 Sofia: We obviously have a common style, hence our project together but it is also our very different individual personalities and styles that make our partnership so fruitful. 

How did the Skirt Chronicles come to be? 

Haydée: We just wanted to create our dream magazine, the publication we dreamt of reading. 

Sarah: Indeed it was our dream publication in a way, something we couldn’t necessarily find, a way of showcasing the work of people we admire, and meet more of them. 

Sofia: It came to be after many nights at Haydée's apartment, spread out on the carpet, discussing, brainstorming and creating.

Has your outlook on fashion changed from this ongoing global crisis?

Haydée: I guess it hasn't changed much, the crisis only confirmed my point of view in a way.

 Sarah: Like most subjects, I agree with Haydée & Sofia on this issue.  

Sofia: My outlook has not changed much either and reinforces my ideas about the importance of realizing our buying power and supporting makers and artisans that create with our future in mind.

What is your favorite style from the current collection and how do you style it? 

Haydée: I love the Sabine in snake print, because of a line for the David Lynch movie Wild at Heart, where Nicolas Cage’s character says « This is my snakeskin jacket, it is a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom ». Which was already a reference to The Fugitive Kind with Marlon Brando. I style it with slightly flared pants, or a velvet black skirt I recently thrifted. 

Sarah: My favorite style in this new collection are the Bodhi sandals, I love the fussbett construction, the mixed leathers and the fact that I will be able to wear them this winter with cashmere socks and a man’s suit pants. 

 Sofia: I love the classic simplicity of the High Throat Ballerina. Something to wear and rewear. I wear them with a pair of large suit pants and a shetland sweater, perhaps a white Brooks Brothers shirt underneath.

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