Tiana Petrullo

Photos by Tiana Petrullo


 Tiana Petrullo is a Los Angeles-based photographer and art director. Half Czech and half Italian, Tiana shoots her signature style on film; producing imagery characterized by soft, stripped back natural palettes that emphasize texture, shadow, and curves.  
Her eye extends to projects beyond photography. Through her digital journal, Forme & Sens, she encourages contributors to share their struggles with mental health, hoping to create a welcoming forum for de-stigmatized conversation. Inspired by her outlook, we asked Tiana to shoot a self-styled portrait series with the Susan Slide in Claret and Ava in Brown from our Pre-Fall 2019 collection.


How would you describe your style? 
Classically minimal, modestly feminine, and color averse. I am in love with casual elegance and link every visual aspect of my life back to this notion. I look for qualities of sustainability and longevity in clothing and always ask myself if what I'm wanting has been thoughtfully well-made.

Who is currently inspiring you? Sartorially, culturally, or otherwise?
 I am creatively inspired by ancient structure and sculpture – anything found naturally or made thoughtfully by somebody's hands. Travertine breaks my heart. Sartorially...women wise with age who have mastered looking incredibly chic in what most would consider loungewear. And culturally, it's the amazing people of the Forme & Sens community who have stood with me in Transparency to resist mental health stigma. 

Can you tell us about how you became a photographer and what you find yourself shooting most?
From the preteen moment that I got my first camera I was constantly filming, taking photos, printing them, editing them. I've worked in fashion from the start which then allowed me to start shooting every so often. I've since been introduced to so many incredible female creatives and business owners that I am always eager to collaborate with. I love to photograph people and beautifully created objects the most. I love softness, but also structure. The combination of delicate subject matter on film is powerfully truth-telling to me. 

Favorite gift to give:  An experience.

Favorite gift to receive:  Similarly, an opportunity to travel to a new place. 

Guilty or not so guilty pleasure: Sourdough bread and (vegan) butter.

Best vacation in recent memory?
Last year around this time my partner and I traveled to Mexico City (which quickly became my favorite destination), followed by a spontaneous trip to Prague and a solo trip to Rome. It was the best few weeks and I felt very fortunate. Prague was special because my mother was born there, and going from there to Rome was such a beautiful experience because I'm half Czech and half Italian. Considering my obsession with naturally occurring texture and ancient culture, it was all a dream.

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