Viktorija Svedkova Jasevice

Viktorija Svedekova Jasevice is a brand and communications consultant based in New York.  A native Lithuanian who started her career in London, Viktorija has worked with brands including Rosetta Getty, Altuzurra, and currently: Merlette, Completedworks and Tove. 

Known for a spare but refined style that resounds with many of the brands with which she collaborates, Viktorija styles our Adele sandal in black suede and gold nappa with looks from her own wardrobe.

How would you describe your style?

Classic, timeless, and practical. Throughout the years I created a seamless wardrobe of pieces that easily work one with another. ​I follow a 'less but better' approach as I don’t like clutter and owning too much stuff in life. I prefer to simplify everything so I don’t have to spend too much time thinking about what to wear every day, which allows me to focus on other important things in life. 

What is currently inspiring you? Sartorially, culturally or otherwise?

It’s hard to tell as there is no single thing that inspires me at the moment. The people around me and togetherness is something I think a lot about. It gives me hope and motivation to be a better person for my family, friends, clients, community...

Has working from home shifted the way you work? If so, how has that experience been like?

I started to work most of the time from home at the end of 2019, so it wasn’t an adjustment when the virus spread in March. I am an advocate for mobile and fluid way of working. I think there is something very modern about it and it helps to retain a healthy work/ life balance.

The only adjustment was to get used to having my husband working from home as well. The first few weeks were a bit intense, but we quickly put a good routine into a place, which was very nice. Now that he is partially back in the office, I miss our backyard lunch breaks and 6pm aperitivo. 

Guilty or not so guilty pleasure?

Rewatching all Sex and The City seasons in a week as I miss dressing up and being out in the city with my friends.

What is your current favorite shoe from Emme Parsons and how would you style it?

Adele in black suede or gold nappa. In the summer I would pair it back to a silk skirt and ribbed top, for an easy day to night look. It’s also perfect for festive occasions, like weddings and dinners as it goes with so many dresses. In Spring and early Fall, I would feel confident wearing it with denim and a top or a thin knit, it would be my go-to relaxed cocktail look. I would also feel good wearing it during the day with the same silk skirt and a sweater.

What do you look for when you shop? (i.e. quality, sustainability, value, etc.)

Quality, sustainability practices, design, and fit. I think those elements indicate longevity. I have my go-to brands that I always shop from, but if I come across something from the brand I never heard of, I always check their sustainability and ethical practices first.

As a Brand and Communications Consultant, what do you hope to see change within the fashion industry?

I hope that there will be more room and opportunities for small brands with purpose and integrity. That the media, creatives, and investors will be more open to supporting those brands in bigger ways. Also, I hope to see fewer egos and an old guard/ hierarchical approach to everything. 

What was your last memorable trip before the stay at home orders?

My husband surprised me with a birthday trip to Miami during NYFW, which was brilliant to escape in the middle of it! But the most memorable trip was to Pantelleria, last summer. It’s our favorite place. I like what locals call it - a world away from the world. It truly feels like it. 

Where is the first place you’d like to go to once the travel ban is lifted?

To Europe, to see my family and friends, and compensate for the losses of this year.

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