Andreina Matos

Photo by Christina Arza

Matos is the founder of La Natural, a Miami-based restaurant known for sourdough pizza, vegetables, and natural wine. We were inspired by Andreina’s style — simple, unbranded, and inspired by nature — and spoke with her about her approach to entertaining, aesthetics, and more.

How would you describe your style?
No labels, just anything that makes me feel good and at ease. Effortless. 

What is currently inspiring you, sartorially, culturally or otherwise?

The path of self expansion that I decided to embrace this past year. I was able to get real and in touch with my deepest desires and needs. Giving them the space to simply be and allowing myself to feel fully comfortable with where I am today as a woman birthing changes and stepping out of my comfort zone. 

Tell us about your restaurant, La Natural and how it came to be.

La Natural is a neighborhood restaurant located in Little River, Miami serving Sourdough Pizza, Vegetables & Natural Wines in a relaxed indoor-outdoor space.

It was born out of the experience of doing sourdough pizzas in my backyard, to which I have to credit my best friend and business partner Javier. While having other restaurants as concepts, we were having fun nourishing friends at home and soon enough we knew this was the real restoration experience that we should offer to our community.  One that was conceived around the freedom and magnificence that comes from being ourselves. 

What are you looking most forward to in the new year? 

To continue the journey of loving myself, to think love, feel love, and be love. 

Are there any secrets you have to create a perfect dinner party?

Music, warm lighting, simple delicious and savory food, good wine and mezcal, and a lot of copal to burn while dancing.

What is your current favorite style from Emme Parsons, and how would you style it?

The Walking Sandal, I can style them with anything really. They are easy and super comfortable 

Favorite gift to give.

A massage

Favorite gift to receive. 

A day by the sea, and a pair of really good shoes ;)

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