Sarah Halpin

Photos by Sarah Halpin

Sarah Halpin is a model who, with her sister Joanna, is behind What She Said Collective, an online creative platform where they share their work from projects in photography, creative direction, styling and modeling. The Cornwall-born London dweller takes a less-is-more approach to just about everything — from beauty, to interiors, to what she opts for sartorially. With the Danielle in Espresso Croc Print in hand, she styled a look for fall transitional weather, and shared her best kept secret in London.

How would you describe your style?
Understated, oversized. 

Can you tell us about What She Said and how it came to be?
What She Said was founded in 2015 by me and my sister, Joanna. We both come from design backgrounds, so having taken a step back from that to focus on modelling we were longing for a creative outlet. We started collaborating with brands in a way that allowed us the freedom to construct and co-direct shoots. Over the years this platform has continued to evolve as we’ve developed a deeper understanding of brand alignment, creative output and our individual voices and aesthetics. 

What is currently inspiring you? Sartorially, culturally or otherwise?
Layering. Heavy weighted fabrics. Clay. The colour ‘peach red’. Long distance phone calls.

Guilty or not so guilty pleasure?
Salty (usually potato based) snacks.

What is your current favorite shoe from Emme Parsons, and how would you style it? The Danielle in Espresso Croc Print for its versatility and ‘seasonless’ feel. Socks are a welcomed addition now that the days are getting colder. 

Last great book that you read?
Zadie Smith, Intimations.

Best kept London secret?
The chilli margaritas from Okko on Broadway Market.

How would you spend a perfect autumn day in London?
Early to rise, late to bed and mostly outdoors. I’m completely biased towards East London, but there’s such an abundance of restaurants, wine bars and venues to explore. My perfect Autumn day consists of visiting as many of them as possible. 

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