Costanza Theodoli-Braschi

Photos by Tiana Petrullo

Costanza Theodoli-Braschi
is an artist and co-founder of Maison C, a wallpaper line created in partnership with friend and interior designer Chiara de Rege. Inspired by film, literature, and the nature that surrounds her in Los Angeles, Costanza brings entire worlds to life on paper. Her hand-drawn illustrations can be whimsical, romantic, or sharp; all of them delving deeper into the imagination.

We asked her how she would apply her visual sensibility to the styles from our Resort collection.

How would you describe your style?

As I get older it gets more simple and structured. I was pregnant for basically all of 2019 and my uniform was oversize mens white shirts. If I was dressing up it would be a white tuxedo shirt. Now that I can (almost) fit into normal clothes again, all I want to wear is well fitting jeans/pants and anything structured with a waist!

What’s inspiring you right now? Sartorially, culturally, or otherwise?

Like so many, I am in awe of Greta Thunburg and how she has just woken the world up. 2020 is all about shopping sustainably. About buying less but better items that will last.

Guilty or not so guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate, red wine, acupuncture - not guilty, just pleasure.

What is your current favorite shoe from Emme Parsons?

The Soft Loafer in Navy.

How would you style it for a full day on the go?

I just love a loafer and these ones are so versatile, they go with everything. But the best is with some ankle-length jeans and a simple white shirt or cashmere sweater.

Tell us about your company Maison C and how it came to be.

I started Maison C with my friend and partner Chiara de Rege, four years ago. Chiara is an interior designer and I’m an artist but we are inspired by so many of the same things. We had been discussing ways to work together and thought it could be interesting to somehow develop my drawings into wallcoverings.

I have always been deeply drawn to murals and frescoes- worlds painted on walls. The way a space can become a portal and take you into a dream. This notion of the portal is really the essence of Maison C.

Do you have any intentions or goals for the new year and/or decade? 

To be more present and worry less about the future. To worry less in general. A therapist once told me to stop being a fortune teller - I love that.


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