Cyndle Komarovski

Cyndle Komarovski

Photo by Alexandra Nataf


Celebrated as a deft makeup artist and creative director for content and motion, Cyndle Komarovski is, simply put, a woman who inspires us. We love her unique approach to beauty that was influenced by her youth in the punk rock scene and the way her style has evolved to embody modern elegance. 



How would you describe your style?

Classic, uniform, tailored.

How has your style evolved since you were a teenager? Are there any ways that it has stayed the same?

If I showed you a photo of myself when I was a teenager, you would have no idea it was me! I was really into music and punk rock. I would make my own clothing and wear the most dramatic makeup. It was a lot of fun at the time and it certainly lead me down the path to becoming a makeup artist. Nowadays I just focus that creativity on work and prefer to dress with simplicity.



Who is currently inspiring you? Sartorially, culturally, or otherwise?

I love going through books and magazine for inspiration. But I would say Charlotte Rampling is one of my personal style icons. To me she is the perfect example of effortless and inimitable style. Also, my friend Cate Holstein of Khaite. What I love about Cate is how she is able to balance femininity and strength at the same time. I also get inspired by travel. I love seeing how women of other countries dress and put their own personal touch on an outfit.



Photo by Stas Komarovski

Clockwise from top:
The Row Silk Blouse,
Emme Parsons Susan Slide Sandals,
Khaite Trousers




What is your current favorite shoe from Emme Parsons?

The Susan Slide, but it’s hard to choose!

How would you style it for a full day on the go?

My go to is a great pair of vintage baggy denim or a relaxed trouser pant. I would pair this with a top that’s a little more dressed up or the other way around. A good t-shirt with a tailored skirt. I’ve also been wearing a lot of suiting lately. I love the way it looks with the Susan slide, it makes it more daytime friendly and modern.




What are your top five must-have makeup/skin care products every woman should own?

Chanel Palette Essentielle (it’s so multifunctional, I can’t leave the house without it. Concealer, highlighter, blush/lip in ONE!) , a broad spectrum SPF, Chanel nail polish in rouge puissant (everyone needs a good red nail), clear eyebrow gel and Tatcha’s oil absorbing sheets.

Favorite gift to give?

Le Labo candle.

Favorite gift to receive?

Le Labo candle hahah.


Best vacation in recent memory?

My trip to Iceland a few years ago with my husband. Being in such untouched, raw, and active nature was a life changing experience. Everyone needs to go at least once in their lives. It's a humble reminder of how humanity is nothing more than a microscopic blip in this big universe.

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